Welcome ST III “Cell adhesion, migration and invasion”

Oct. 24, 2017(9,30 AM-6,30 PM)

We are pleased to announce the V Workshop on Mechanisms on Cell Adhesion, Migration and Invasion that will be held on October 24th in Gijón, preceding the joint Congress of the Spanish Societies for Cell Biology (SEBC), Developmental Biology (SEBD) and Genetics (SEG). This workshop is a great opportunity for Spanish researchers investigating the molecular mechanisms that regulate adhesion, migration and cell invasion to meet, offering the opportunity to establish new collaborations, get an update of the field and share tools and knowledge in order to make us more competitive in these research areas. To accomplish that, the workshop has been planned to have an invited opening lecture followed by oral communications selected from the participating groups, which will have 15-20 min to present their recent relevant results and about 10 min for discussion. To favor a more interactive debate, and to stimulate participation of young investigators, panel presentations will not be in principle considered. The program will be quite intense since we will have to be done by the evening of opening day of the Congress.

Presentations from groups that participated in previous workshops, and those from groups lately registered to the SEBC workgroup “Cell Adhesion, migration and invasion” will be considered.

Nevertheless, the workshop is open for registration to all remaining people attending the SEBC-SEBD-SEG Congress and that might be interested in the topic.

We encourage those researchers working in Cell Adhesion, migration and invasion attending the workshop for the first time to become members of the workgroup and to contribute to the meetings organized every two years concurrently with the SEBC Congress.

We hope to meet you all in Gijón.

Pedro Fernández-Salguero. Universidad de Extremadura, Badajoz.
Jaime Millán. Centro de Biología Molecular “Severo Ochoa”, Madrid.


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